The Definitive Guide to wikipedia scientology

The Definitive Guide to wikipedia scientology

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In 1979, several Scientology users ended up convicted for their involvement during the church's Operation Snow White, the largest theft of presidency files in U.

Mark Bunker, an Emmy Award-profitable journalist and Scientology critic who operates the web site, posted a movie to YouTube and asked Anonymous to tone down their campaign towards the Church of Scientology.[23][163] In line with NPR's Early morning Edition, Bunker has "become a revered voice to several members of Nameless", and they refer to him as "Wise Beard Guy".[161] Bunker informed Newsweek that he was pleased to discover a significant team of young people today performing in opposition to Scientology, but stated he was also worried for their security: "I'm sure how Scientology performs: they're going to get these individuals in difficulty .

[168] Schultz wrote "For associates of Anonymous I am betting A large number of things are previously unspoken understandings", and pointed for their usage of memes and cited the boards of the web site as an example with the team's power to collaborate properly to accomplish objectives.[168]

Davies, Shaun (eight May 2008). "The web pranksters who begun a war: They have come to be the sworn enemies of a controversial faith, famed for unsettling on the web video clip attacks and protesting en masse in creepy masks".

The material contained while in the OT levels is characterized as poor science fiction by critics, while others declare it bears structural similarities to gnostic considered and historic Hindu beliefs of development and cosmic battle.[183][423] Melton suggests that these elements from the OT ranges may under no circumstances are already meant as descriptions of historical activities and that, like other spiritual mythology, They might have their truth during the realities of your body and brain which they symbolize.

The committee also banned numerous editors independently, prohibiting them from modifying any Scientology-linked content for at least 6 months. Individuals privileges can be reinstated afterward whenever they dig this show they might Perform nicely by Wikipedia's procedures.

L. Ron Hubbard explained the analytical head regarding a computer: "the analytical brain is not simply a fantastic computer, it is actually a perfect Laptop.

Hubbard taught that Thetans brought the material universe into remaining largely for their very own satisfaction.[151] The universe has no independent truth but derives its evident fact from The reality that Thetans agree it exists.[148] Thetans fell from grace when they started to determine with their creation as an alternative to their original point out of spiritual purity.

Too, we hope to find out the legality of sending out Stop and Desist (C&D) letters to Nameless protesters within an make an effort to intimidate and silence critics.

Underneath no circumstances, Anytime, do I would like to be denied my proper to treatment from customers of my religion towards the exclusion of psychiatric treatment or psychiatric directed care, despite what any psychiatrist, health care particular person, specified member on the state or member of the family may assert supposedly on my behalf.

I await your reaction within the faith angle. In my opinion, we could not worsen public feeling than We've got had or have a lot less customers with what We have got to provide. A spiritual charter could be required in Pennsylvania or NJ to make it adhere. But I absolutely sure could allow it to be stick.

Scientology is exclusive in the UFO society for that reason secretiveness, and as a result of capitalist structure under which they run. Scientology is also tough to categorize. When it bears powerful similarities to your Ashtar Command or the Aetherius Society, its emphasis upon the Xenu celebration given that the central message on the team appears to position them in just the ancient astronaut tradition.

Following the prosecution of Hubbard's foundation for educating drugs why not check here and not using a license, in April 1953 Hubbard wrote a letter proposing that Scientology need to be transformed right into a faith.[106] As membership declined and finances grew tighter, Hubbard experienced reversed the hostility to religion he voiced in Dianetics.

The discovered beliefs in Scientology at larger degrees develop into ever more contradictory with the whole world's major religions. The thought of past life in Scientology is at odds with Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Beliefs regarding the origins and age Recommended Site on the Earth, the foundation of evil, and the character of gentleman enable it to be not possible to uphold the beliefs of most other religions although also getting a Scientologist.

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